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Camp Wireless is a website devoted to wireless Internet access on your camping trip.

Using the directory of campsites that offer wireless Internet access, the links and the articles on wireless Internet access on campsites, I, Koos van den Hout, hope to give you a resource that helps you keep in touch with the Internet (your e-mail, your websites and especially this site) on your camping trip.

Campsites in Google Earth

Campsites with waypoints will now show a 'View in Google Earth' link. When you have Google Earth installed, you can view the location of the campsite on this planet. I think Google Earth is a really great program with lots of options and possibilities to add your own information and views.

Do you know a campsite to add?

Mail me at webmaster@camp-wireless.org with information about new campsites that offer wireless Internet access. Information I would like about a campsite is: name, location, street address, phone, fax, e-mail address, gps waypoint, driving directions, website address and any comments for visitors about the wireless Internet access (such as "offered through provider X" or "ask for a spot with wireless network coverage").

Camp Wireless Mobile

Camp Wireless is designed to be usable on mobile devices.

Camp Wireless is at the URL https://www.camp-wireless.org/.
The site hopes to be a useful resource for people who use or are thinking about using wireless Internet access on their camping trip or for those on the providing side. With a directory filling with names and locations of campsites that offer this kind of access and with articles on this subject.

This site tries to be accessible for everyone, by using HTML standards.

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