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The Wirie wifi antenna

I just noticed news about the Wirie which promises to be a 'super antenna' for outdoor wifi users such as RV and Marine users who find themselves on a campsite or in a harbour which promises wifi access but you just got that one spot with a bit of a coverage problem.

As noted in the article RV wifi antenna problems an external antenna or a wifi adapter at the end of a long USB cable can help. The Wirie combines both and throws a very high-power USB network adapter in the mix: 4.5 meter USB cable, a 1000 mW wifi adapter and an 8.5 dBi omnidirectional antenna. These last two values may not say much to the non-technical user but to put it simple: this is way more powerful than what is built into the average laptop.

From the press-release: Get yourself connected! The Wirie, a thoroughly researched and thought out long range wireless internet system invented and developed by cruisers for cruisers, is ready to conquer the boating and RV world. The Wirie is a complete WiFi system that provides much longer range and more stable connections for wireless internet on your boat or RV. It is easy to use and install, waterproof, very powerful, upgradeable, affordable and has a variety of mounting options. Camp Wireless Camp Wireless, Wireless Internet access at campsites.
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