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Why offering wireless Internet on a campsite

Camp wireless as website originated as an idea that wireless network was the best way to offer Internet access on campsites.

Visitors want more from a campsite. Not only electricity and water at every spot, but TV cable is also becoming quite normal at campsites where campers (especially RV owners) want a "home away from home" with all the luxuries. The new generation RV camper is not roughing it, with heating, electricity, a microwave, TV, a satellite dish, everything.

Campsite visitors ask for Internet access nowadays and having a payphone in the laundry room where you can try to get your acoustic modem to work is not very friendly towards the modern sophisticated (and well-equipped) camper.

Trying to string utp cables to every camper on a site is nearly impossible, especially when campers come in and leave on a daily basis. Wireless is easy to set up as infrastructure, especially now prices of access points have come down to their current level.

Having wireless Internet access can also attract visitors to the site when this fact is published. Especially on the website of the campsite, since that is where the Internet-savvy visitor finds information about the site.

Koos van den Hout
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