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Why go with a commercial provider for wireless Internet

A different approach (from building your own wireless Internet access) is to go with a commercial provider of wireless Internet on campsites, such as Tengo Internet.

Parts of this article are quoted from Why become a TengoZone? published by Tengo Internet with approval.
I therefore use their name and site as an example in this article. An overview of other providers of this same service can be found on the links page.

Going with a commercial provider is probably the best solution for those that do not have the knowledge themselves to build wireless Internet access on their campsite. Stick to doing what you are good at (running a campsite) and leave the technical and organisational worries of offering wireless Internet access to a commercial company that can make it work for your campsite.

What can a commercial provider do for you in technical setup and preparation:

  • RF Network Design, Installation and Maintenance
  • Network Management, Monitoring and Response
  • Network Authorization
  • Internet Access Provisioning
  • Subscriber Support and Promotion
  • 24x7 Toll-free and Online Customer Support
  • Onsite Orientations, Banners and Guest Collateral
  • Online Branding, Content, Directory Listings and Targeted Media Outreach
  • Affinity and Roaming Programs
And in the important part of access-fees for the service:
  • Free, for-pay or price-bundling;
  • Prepaid card sales and location roaming;
  • Our authorization services allow local branding;
  • Online billing and multiple billing plans.
TengoInternet provides the network installation, billing, network management and support services, while you provide the high-speed access connection.
There are of course costs associated with this solution. Getting Internet to your site and building a network on-site will cost money.

Tengo Internet can make a quote for your campsite so you can calculate the total costs and look at the profits.

Koos van den Hout
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