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RV wifi antenna problems, and solutions

Accessing wireless networks from within an RV can be a problem, with coverage problems on campsites and the walls of the RV weakening or even blocking signals.

Possible solutions include:

Getting an external antenna for your wireless adapter. Mounting an antenna on the roof of an RV will improve on signal. The external antenna will give a certain amplification of signal (a radio amateur enthusiast can give all the details of the calculations in exactly how much amplification and for which direction, but for this article I'll leave it at 'it works'). Finding an antenna suited to your wireless adapter can be a bit of a problem as there are several standards for antenna connectors. Some wireless adapters don't have a connector for an external antenna at all.

Some options:

But, nowadays a (usually) cheaper solution is possible: getting a usb wireless adapter and a usb extension cable. This does not improve the antenna in the wireless adapter, but you can move the wireless adapter away from your computer to a position with better chances of wireless signal such as a window.

Some options:

Radiolabs has taken this concept one step further, they sell a kit with an outdoor antenna with usb connector, usb extension cable and drivers as one kit.

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