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Minuteman remote support services

Minuteman Support Services offers remote support services for PC users, using the speed of broadband networks to offer helpdesk services to home users.

From their press release:

"Because Broadband communication has become the predominant method of connecting to the Internet, I saw it as an opportunity to mimic the corporate IT/helpdesk support methodology and extend it to any individual or small business that do not benefit from an expensive, corporate IT support infrastructure. We provide an online helpdesk ticketing system and utilize remote desktop technology to reach out to our customers over the Internet, regardless of where they are in the world, and work on their computers in an efficient and timely manner. It isn't any different from how a private, corporate helpdesk functions," Daniel Barnes, founder and COO [of Minuteman Support Services], said about the service.
In combination with the uprise of broadband connections, this service allows people to get that helping hand at home or at the campsite, using wireless Internet access.

The remote desktop technology used by Minuteman Support Services allows a technician to connect to a Windows based PC or laptop, and operate keyboard and mouse just like he/she is sitting behind it, using his/her knowledge to fix any problems the customer might have with the computer.

This service can be interesting for business travelers, but also the home-user who is away from home for a longer time, such as the RV user with extra comforts and a computer with Internet access can use this service to get help with computer problems. Camp Wireless Camp Wireless, Wireless Internet access at campsites.
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